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Webinar: AVEVA Instrumentation™ for rapid, intuitive production of high quality deliverables

October 02, 2014

AVEVA will be hosting its AVEVA Instrumentation webinar – 'AVEVA Instrumentation for rapid, intuitive production of high quality deliverables'

Date: 23-Oct-2014
Time: 08:00 BST and 14:00 BST (45 mins)
Presenter: Eric Carnet, Product Business Manager at AVEVA


In this webinar, Eric Carnet will explain how the new AVEVA Instrumentation 12.1 SP3 release enables users to rapidly design instrumentation systems, populating the project database and creating high-quality deliverables. Throughout the webinar, Eric will demonstrate AVEVA Instrumentation’s class-leading graphical user experience that enables instrumentation engineers to work in an intuitive and efficient manner to suit their own workflows.

To find out more about this webinar and to register click here

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News: Tupras deploys AVEVA Integrated Engineering and Design solutions across national refineries

September 30, 2014 

Turkey’s primary oil & gas operator makes a strategic investment in AVEVA E3D, schematic, and laser data software 

Instanbul, Turkey – 29 September 2014: Today AVEVA announced that Tupras, Turkey’s largest Owner Operator in the oil & gas industry, is investing extensively in AVEVA software technology following a year-long evaluation process.  AVEVA Everything3D (AVEVA E3D), together with AVEVA Diagrams, AVEVA Electrical and AVEVA’s laser scanning solutions will play a key role in  a major brownfield revamp programme.

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Webinar: AVEVA Electrical™, for the rapid production of project quality deliverables in an intuitive environment

September 18, 2014

AVEVA will be hosting its AVEVA Electrical™ webinar – 'AVEVA Electrical, for the rapid production of project quality deliverables in an intuitive environment'

Date: 08-Oct-2014
Time: 08:00 BST and 14:00 BST (45 mins)
Presenter: Ross Kilmurray and Eric Carnet, Product Business Managers at AVEVA


In this webinar, Ross Kilmurray and Eric Carnet will explain how the new AVEVA Electrical 12.1 SP3 release helps the user to rapidly populate the project database and then create project quality deliverables. Throughout the demonstration, Ross and Eric will give examples of the AVEVA Electrical user experience which helps electrical engineers work in a ‘graphical’ fashion to suit their own workflows.

To find out more about this webinar and to register click here

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Views: How AVEVA Bocad technology transforms efficiency in structural steelwork

September 09, 2014 

#4 – Commissioning

As the costs and earning power of engineering assets have inexorably increased, so the old buyer/seller relationship between Owner Operator and contractor is giving way to a more collaborative one. Design for Operation and earlier commissioning deliver high returns on the effort involved.

Frustratingly, however, technical barriers to what should be a seamless relationship often still exist. Where contractors use a variety of different applications for different purposes, these are very often incompatible. The client wants a complete, consistent, accurate and usable dataset that describes the as-delivered asset, not an assortment of model data, drawings and documents that is none of the above. 

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Views: An industry first brought to you by AVEVA and ETAP

August 15, 2014 

For the first time electrical engineers will be able to submerge themselves into the first single round-tripping environment that includes Analysis, Detailed Electrical Design and 3D cable routing. 

Through a collaborative partnership with ETAP, industry leaders in in electrical power system modeling, design and analysis; AVEVA Electrical users will experience complete round-tripping of the electrical process of engineering and detailed design.

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Views: How AVEVA Bocad technology transforms efficiency in structural steelwork

August 08, 2014 

#3 – Construction

Two-thirds of all engineering projects are delivered late. Bad for the client and bad for the contractor, who may be faced with penalty clauses and may lose opportunities to start new projects. And where around 40% of a project’s costs are labour, eliminating construction rework can deliver huge savings.

Clashes, designed-in collisions between parts that only come to light during construction, are a major cause of on-site rework. Trying to eliminate clashes using 2D design tools is almost impossible on all but the simplest projects. 3D design software offers the necessary capability, but attempting to design complex or sophisticated steel structures using 3D CAD tools not specialised for steelwork design makes it is easy to see why so few projects come in on time.

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Webinar: AVEVA Bocad™ - Building higher levels of efficiency in the AEC market

August 01, 2014webinar_ondemand_recording_graphic

During this webinar, Steve Insley, Product Business Manager for AVEVA Bocad, showed the business value of AVEVA Bocad and explained how our structural detailing solution has helped our clients overcome extremely complex design challenges, while greatly improving workflow collaboration, majorly increasing fabrication efficiency and providing vast commercial benefits not only for our clients themselves, but also for their clients.

To watch the webinar (30 minutes long) click here 

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Webinar: Get your engineering under control with AVEVA Engineering

July 18, 2014webinar_ondemand_recording_graphic

During this webinar Julien de Beer, Head of Product Business Management for Engineering & Schematics, and Henrik Hultin, Product Business Manager at AVEVA showcased how the new AVEVA Engineering 14.1 release can make inter-discipline collaboration more effective and efficient.

They also showed how it enables project development to be kept firmly under control and consistent deliverables to be produced; how it reduces the risk of inconsistent data creating costly rework and overruns; and how it provides Engineering and Project Managers with a clear overview of progress and the current status of the design. 

To watch the webinar (30 minutes long) click here 

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News: D3SCOM Engineering (D3) Sdn. Bhd. invest in AVEVA E3D and AVEVA Laser Modeller

July 15, 2014 

A leading Malaysian engineering firm chooses AVEVA software solutions for quick project delivery

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 10 July, 2014: D3SCOM Engineering (D3) Sdn. Bhd.has adopted AVEVA Everything3D (AVEVA E3D) and AVEVA Laser Modeller software for its brownfield projects with Owner Operators in Malaysia. AVEVA software solutions enable D3’s designers to have a clear understanding of the as-is condition of an asset during brownfield projects.  Direct integration of the 3D design model into the intuitive laser scan BubbleView allows accurate extraction of tie-in points and clash detection, and hence minimises project rework. 3D has successfully implemented AVEVA software on the Talisman Bunga Raya brownfield project earlier this year.

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Views: How AVEVA Bocad technology transforms efficiency in structural steelwork

July 11, 2014 

#2 – Procurement

The challenge

Steel is expensive. Every tonne you waste takes around $1,000 off your bottom line; more if you have to re-procure at premium prices to replace scrap or make up shortages. And steel mills must schedule production well in advance, so inefficient procurement can result in missed production windows, with serious consequences for the project schedule. 

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News: KBR selects AVEVA Everything3D for global projects

July 10, 2014

Expanded contract includes AVEVA Everything3D as part of a complete Integrated Engineering & Design environment

Houston, Texas – 08 July 2014:  AVEVA today announced that KBR, a global engineering, construction and services company, has substantially extended its utilization of AVEVA technology, which includes the selection of AVEVA Everything3D (AVEVA E3D).  The new contract enables KBR to deploy AVEVA E3D along with an increased number of AVEVA solutions on major capital projects around the world.

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Webinar: AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering & Design approach webinar

July 08, 2014webinar_ondemand_recording_graphic

During this webinar, Bob Aldridge, Head of Business Management for Integrated Engineering & Design, gave an overview of AVEVA’s approach to Integrated Engineering & Design and showed how it can deliver enhanced levels of effectiveness. The fundamental key to Lean practice in Engineering & Design is to be more effective in controlling the design spiral, the iterative process that is at the heart of plant design.

To watch the webinar (approximately 30 mins long) click here

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