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BUSINESS PAPER 6: October 2013 

Engineering and Design for Lean Construction

It is believed that in order to cut out expensive costs and reduce risks during the design and construction phase of major capital projects, we must ensure that the plant design is completed ‘right first time’.

If we can eradicate the iterations and reworks in design and form the design right from the outset, we will ensure that everyone in the project execution is equipped with the latest and most accurate information about the project – this business paper challenges that premise.

AVEVA explores the possibility that the  ‘right first time’ notion is not achievable. The ideology does not have the flexibility needed to cope with client, legal, contractor and environmental changes which influence scope changes throughout the project. 

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BUSINESS PAPER 5: October 2013

Plant Design for Lean Construction - at your fingertips

As a new generation of engineers emerges into the senior decision-making posts, more demands will be put on IT solutions to provide simple, business-focused mobile solutions to meet their needs.

The route to Plant Design for Lean Construction will be defined by your own organisation’s willingness to relentlessly track down wastage and eliminate it, maximise efficiency and learn to respect the role of people in the transformation of the business. Mobile products for design review and approval will help to minimise time wasted due to absent decision-makers and will make the remote workforce more capable of running the office when they are not located in it.

Read more about the new mobile technology that provides opportunities for you to work more effectively, differentiate your business and provide richer experiences with your clients.

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BUSINESS PAPER 4: October 2012

Plant Design for Lean Construction

The wholesale incorporation of a Lean philosophy into the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company is not a small undertaking; all staff and systems need to share the same goals single-mindedly.

This business paper outlines what is required from the next generation of Plant Design products to make this step change, and outlines our insight on how to apply Lean principles to Plant Design.

The Lean philosophy is founded on three key principles

  • Respect for people
  • Eliminate non-value-add activities (remove wastage)
  • Maximise the efficiency of value-add activities

The move to Lean is unquestionably a significant challenge, but one with huge benefits.

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BUSINESS PAPER 3: August 2012

Let the Engineers Engineer

Plant design systems are a business critical tool for EPCs and need to play an important role by providing a platform for design efficiency and project agility.

Plant design solutions must be quick to deploy and easy to use, and must help to improve design productivity and quality. Time spent at the start of the project setting up software is the most expensive time to lose on the project – software needs to let the engineers engineer.

In this paper, AVEVA outlines how the future of plant design will see greater levels of agility, productivity, efficiency and compliance for project execution.

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New Era Design and Engineering

All industries are under pressure to improve efficiency and safeguard quality, and each industry finds different ways to reduce cost and improve output. The power and process plant industries continue to focus on organisation, project execution and planning improvements to improve efficiencies.

Ever larger and more complex projects are now made up of joint ventures employing far more diverse contractors across technical, cultural and contractual borders. Plant design tools are business critical applications for this engineering contractor community and, as such, a potential source of inefficiencies.

This paper looks at what is needed to maximise plant design efficiency; it addresses the market dynamic and how it drives unique behaviours in the project execution phase, and sets out to define the future of plant design efficiency.

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Responding to a changing industry

The intensity of change across the plant industries is unprecedented, from the impact of economic challenges, to new market opportunities in resource extraction and production. Responding to change will require new approaches in the use of technology and resources, and more advanced project management capabilities.

This paper looks at how current innovations in plant design software are enabling owner operators and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies to:

  • Respond to market opportunities with new levels of efficiency and agility
  • Reduce the costs of developing and modifying plant operations
  • Reduce risk as capital project teams become larger and more dispersed

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