AVEVA Everything3Dâ„¢ - Plant Design for Lean Construction

AVEVA’s vision for plant design is a new product called AVEVA Everything3D™ (AVEVA E3D™) that exploits technology innovations in mobile computing, cloud computing and laser scanning to enable Lean Construction in plant project execution.

Watch Video AVEVA E3D is the core design application within AVEVA Plant. It is fully interoperable with all other AVEVA Engineer, Design and Manage products. AVEVA Plant, AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering and Design system, is a breakthrough in plant engineering and design efficiency. By integrating engineering data, schematics data and 3D design data into one managed plant model, it avoids costly and damaging inconsistencies. With AVEVA Plant, critical information is efficiently shared between disciplines and across teams. This simplifies the process and improves project schedule and quality.

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AVEVA E3D Insight™ - Plant Design Review at your fingertips

AVEVA E3D Insight is a new Windows 8.1 app that allows direct access to real time AVEVA Everything3D™ design information for maximum project efficiency and collaboration.

Watch VideoIt streamlines the reviewing and approval of design content by recapturing the time that is lost when senior decision makers are not available.  The decision-maker is now able to check and approve designs outside of the office via their tablet computer.

And it allows team members to visualise, inspect, comment upon and approve designs wherever they are in the world in a seamless and timely manner.

AVEVA E3D Insight allows the user to connect via a network to an up to date view of an AVEVA E3D model of the plant design on their Windows 8.1 mobile tablet, rendered with the latest in graphics technology.

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Integrated Engineering and Design from AVEVA

AVEVA's Integrated Engineering and Design solution is a set of products that each provide best-in-class productivity while supporting efficient multi-discipline, multi-location working. Integrated engineering and design supports all phases of project execution and enables an Engineering and Design for Lean Construction approach.

Watch Video AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering and Design solution allows each discipline to create and to control the evolution of the information for which it is responsible, while making this information visible to all other project disciplines that use it in their own work. Unique compare and update capability enables each discipline to review the evolving information from other disciplines and to make the corresponding changes in its own work in a flexible, controlled and efficient manner. The result is to combine the productivity of powerful, dedicated engineering and design applications, with flexible collaborative working across projects of any size or complexity.

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